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This is total bull. Nothing but a bunch of liars there. I am a disaled veteran fighting cancer. I could not understand her. You Blow Comcast. I would have tried your cell phone service. No Thank you. You Price Gouge your Loyal Customers.. You are not authorized, etc.

Wie Verizon Media und unsere Partner Ihnen bessere Werbung anbieten

They went up on the price and removed channels. Everytime I have tried in last two years I get ok see you. Sorry to lose you. And we pay over a month for cable and internet and phone. And they refuse even me being nice to change it.

New Broadband Internet & Combo Deals » October

I would totally change to a different provider but husband refuses since it was a pain last time switching from astound to comcast…. I just did almost exactly what you said, except I researched DirectTv and had prices in front of me to use. I actually found out I could sign up for Directv though Costco! Its wholesale pricing. Plus each person gets a costco directv customer service number that differs from corporates. All live operators that speak English and.

Same thing happened to me…. My promo ran out and their fees went up…. No other cable provider besides dish or direct….

I followed your instructions the phone prompts, of course have changed. Nice script; it played out perfectly.

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Good helpful post. When trying to get a better deal from Comcast its better to remain calm and just get the job done. I think many people are so mad at getting ripped off that they blow the whole negotiation. Customer retention reps have more power to give you a better deal, especially if you name the competitors deal. Try speaking with your local Comcast rep. The deals they offer are even better. I once wanted to go from being an internet only customer to being a cable customer as well.

When I got on the chat the person on the other end refused to offer me any bundles that were being given to new customers. Then the person on the chat said that I should contact sales. What was worse, was the fact the the woman in sales was even worse. When I was almost about to call Verizon, my friend hooked me up with the local comcast rep. This was a no brainer. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Awesome advice. I used your suggestions and added this: I calculated what it would cost for similar services with two other providers Century Link and Direct TV I calculated what I would pay if I came to Comcast as a new customer.

I compared the annual costs of each of these scenarios. I think I will make it an annual event to make this call.

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Thanks for providing this empowering forum. My hubby and I watch maybe 10 stations, 20 at the most. Hey friend thank you for the insite. I googled how to lower cable bill and came upon your site. I followed the suggestions. The person on the other end was far less than helpful. Better than nothing, but not by much. Tried calling 2 separate reps and neither were willing to help me.

We will officially be canceling Comcast. Maybe they will try to sway me when I make that phone call? I dropped Comcast TV today after being with them for long time. I called and talked to three different people about too high payment. No one of them tried to find solution, so I canceled TV and left Internet for I just cancelled mine due to promo ending… This doubled the price. I told them i had dish and direct tv and had both of their specials in my hand. They were unwilling to negotiate at All and told me to return the equipment and get a receipt. I have nothing now but will Make another call next week to give it another round.

I tried to haggle with Direct TV. I have been with them since so after 4 years I came across these sites. The other day, I called them for another promo, they said they have nothing besides free Cinemax,Showtime, etc. The Direct TV still works even though they disconnected my services. Just called Comcast and went thru the phone tree to the discontinue service. I was told by a recording that the wait is long about 15 mins, but instead, I got a customer rep on the phone after about a minute. Explained to her that the bill has gone up too much and I would like to cancel.

She immediately went on to say that she can check on what she can do. She at first offered to upgrade me to HD premier for about 20 bucks less than what I am paying now I have preferred plus currently. So she then offered me the same price for new customers on the HD preferred plus package. I told her I could do that and she locked in the rate for me. Not bad for a 10 minute phone call!

Just ask for it to be thrown in for free. Playing the Comcast price shell games is really starting to get old.

On the phone with Comcast again. Called to cancel service. I explained that my bill was again too high. This rate is good for 6 months.

Explore Xfinity internet plans

Said a label would be sent out. Need to watch for the June bill and see if the price gets lowered as promised. I will have to watch for my November bill and see if it goes up again and will have to call back then. We will wait and see.